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The Royals have won the World Series, but there’s still a much more important matter to settle: who emerged victorious in our Sky Kalkman-inspired World Series prediction contest. Ten pairs of statistical categories were presented to Effectively Wild Facebook group members, who simply had to pick one in each case, plus the average time of game and the series outcome. Here’s how they got on.

Webb-Albers Championship Fantasy League

In a development that shocked and delighted baseball fans everywhere – or at least those frequenting a very small section of the internet – Effectively Wild icons Ryan Webb and Matt Albers actually appeared on both the podcast and in a Ben Lindbergh Grantland article this week to talk about the record which they have so unrelentingly (and largely unwittingly) broken: total games finished without ever recording a save.

Episode 25 – The Secretly Successful White Sox System?/Starlin Castro’s Makeup Concerns – August 21, 2012.
EW Episode 26 – The Return of Brett Anderson, Oakland’s Playoff Rotation, and the Financial Future of Stephen Drew – August 22, 2012.

It’s hard to describe, the experience, really. Like meeting a person you already know all over again. It was almost like the blind baby who saw her mom for the first time. OK, not quite that. But close. The man, quite suddenly and unannounced, now has a face. After spending a good amount of time over the past two plus years railing against Major League Baseball’s talking heads and hot takes, Baseball Prospectus’ Editor-in-Chief Sam Miller loaned his own versions of both to MLB Network a couple days ago.